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Head office:

34 Odessa str.
(Russian market square)
tel./fax: +359 2 898 50 61
mobile: +359 888 564 732
+359 888 772 713
е-mail: bgglass@mail.bg
3a Probuda str.
Domostroene Industrial Area
tel:+359 46 669510
9 D. Pehlivanov str.
tel: +359 44 662014

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The company was founded in 1998 specializing in auto repair and auto glass trade. Throughout our 10 years of service, our company has grown from a single store in Yambol, to a national provider. In 2000 the company moved to Sofia and concentrated in buss repair and maintenance. In 2003 Stefan Hadzhigrudev and a few partners established the BGG Autoglass Factory. Since then we have close business relations with BGG.

The firm specializes in transforming cargo busses into passenger busses. Also we do transformations, paintjobs, re-equipment, new floor, isolation, air-conditioners, lighting, armoured wind-screens, stereo Hi-Fi, upholstering. We are the only manufacturers of trunks in BG. we have strong relationships with most of the BG’s major insurance companies. We are official importer of parts for King Long.

We employ only professionals to guarantee the highest customer satisfaction and your vehicle's safety. Their workmanship and personalized customer service are the keys to our success, and all of our installations.

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