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34 Odessa str.
(Russian market square)
tel./fax: +359 2 898 50 61
mobile: +359 888 564 732
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е-mail: bgglass@mail.bg
3a Probuda str.
Domostroene Industrial Area
tel:+359 46 669510
9 D. Pehlivanov str.
tel: +359 44 662014

Hadzhigrudev & Son - Home wind-screens transformations gallery contact

The transformation of buses includes repairs of the engine, replacement of the wind-screens to fine Hi-Fi adjustment.

The firm specializes in transforming cargo busses into passenger busses. Also we do transformations, paintjobs, re-equipment, new floor, insulation, air-conditioners, lighting, armoured wind-screens, stereo Hi-Fi, upholstering. We are the only manufacturers of bus trunks and vans for horse transportation in BG.

We use high quality materials and employ only professionals to guarantee the highest customer satisfaction.

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